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Linda Pocock and Blue Herald

Linda and Pippa

Interview with Linda Pocock

Having been a teacher of physical education for a long time, what made you decide on a career change?

I have always loved sport and art in equal measures and after many years of teaching, I decided to follow my passion for art and completed a Fine Art Degree at Greenwich University . Strangely enough, I think of sport and art as not being that different. There is an artistic beauty in the playing of a tennis stroke (think of Roger Federer!), the linking of gymnastic sequences, and in its simplest form of running.

Do you have a family history of art?

Sort of - My maternal family name of Odhams some might recognise as a  London publisher and printer from the late 1800s through to the 1950s. Back then of course the whole printing process was very much hands on, I love to think of the handmade wood engraving and smell of the inks. I feel I am continuing the Odhams story by using printing as my main medium, albeit in a contemporary form.

Where does the name Blue Herald come from?

Left: W.D Odhams

Right: Odhams Press

Very simply my first beloved car. Pale blue and often broke down! 

What is the inpiration behind the Blue Herald brand?

The brand is very much focused on British design, made for women who love the combination of wearing timeless silk, together with artwork which is both strikingly unique and which holds a story, a conversation piece. Each design is a complex combination of at least two images, which gives it a depth and a wonderful subtlety of colour. Our client base ranges from smart city girls, busy mums on the go, stylish beach lovers to glamorous grandmothers. We have also received a lot of interest from chaps who appreciate the feel of silk and the geometric, architectural designs.

Can you share some of your ideas for a possible collection in the future?

I am constantly photographing scenes in London, it is such a source of inspiration and I never tire of it. Always changing in its development, season, time of day and obviously weather! So London and places I travel to will always be up there. The canvas collection ranges from botanical macro photography to abstract combinations of images. My current work looks at Britains ancient forests and representing them in a completely different way. Take a look below.


Forest fires is full of energy and vibrancy

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